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Discovering Croatian Rustic Cuisine with Chef Alba

Learn how to make Croatian Dishes with Chef Alba in this cooking class at Mary's Land Farm. Although Croatia may be small in size, it stretches across three climatic regions: Alpine, Continental, and the Mediterranean where culinary traditions have been molded by its previous conquerors such as the Italians, French, Austro-Hungarians, and Ottomans. Croatia’s gastronomy is rich and varied depending on its region. In Croatia, food is the star of any social event. In this class we [...]


Farm to Table Samosas and Kebabs with Chef Ravi

Using meats and produce from Mary's Land Farm, learn how to cook samosas and kebabs with Chef Ravi. Enjoy the bounty of Mary’s Land farm raised meats and produce. We will learn how to make Chicken samosa topped with a flavorful burst of peach and cumin chutney. Next we create a delicious Lamb Kebob Kofta served with spiced kale, saffron rice, and a refreshing lime, mustard seed and curry leaf flavored slaw. And and extra treat: a [...]


Time-Honored Hand-Made Pasta by Chef Alba

Learn how to make hand-made pasta with Chef Alba! Making our own fresh pasta dough at home offers us a great sense of fulfilment as it is made with our own loving hands. The dough will be more porous, thus allowing the pasta sauce to be better absorbed and more flavorful. Chelf Alba will be coaching easy-to-follow lessons on how to make and cook pasta, and create traditional pasta sauces. These pasta dishes are usually found [...]


The Fascinating World of Herbs and Spices with Chef Ravi

Join Chef Ravi as he teaches how to incorporate spices and herbs from around the world. Raised in India, Chef Ravi understands the beauty and art of spices. Join Chef Ravi as he teaches how to incorporate spices and herbs from around the world. His menu will include a tantalizing and flavorful Thai shrimp Tom Yum soup using Thai ginger and lime leaves,; a cracked wheat Mediterranean Tabouleh salad with fresh parsley, basil, mint, cilanatro, sumac and zatar, cumin [...]


Italian Inspired Easter Brunch with Chef Alba

Join Chef Alba as we create and savor Italian inspired Easter Brunch recipes. Brunch is an American discovery; however in the last few years the trend of brunch -has evolved in Europe, where brunch is also very popular. Celebrate Easter with friends and family and enjoy sharing these easy to prepare and make-ahead dishes. Join Chef Alba as we create and savor these Italian inspired Easter Brunch recipes. Menu: Torta Pasqualina (Layered Sandwich Cake with Ricotta Frosting), [...]


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