Farm to Table Samosas and Kebabs with Chef Ravi


March 18


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Mary's Land Farm

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/marys-land-farm-18016611604

Mary's Land Farm

4979 Sheppard Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Ellicott City, MD, US, 21042

Using meats and produce from Mary’s Land Farm, learn how to cook samosas and kebabs with Chef Ravi.

Enjoy the bounty of Mary’s Land farm raised meats and produce. We will learn how to make Chicken samosa topped with a flavorful burst of peach and cumin chutney. Next we create a delicious Lamb Kebob Kofta served with spiced kale, saffron rice, and a refreshing lime, mustard seed and curry leaf flavored slaw. And and extra treat: a delectable Semolina and Saffron Pudding with Pistachio! Treat your friends to this meal bursting with wonderful flavors you can replicate back at home. Recipes included.

Chef Ravi has cooked all over the world in the past 28 years. He has cooked for Middle Eastern royalty and has successfully conducted international Indian food promotions in Sri Lanka & Portugal. He has won many awards for culinary excellence at Salon Culinaire in Dubai (U.A.E). Chef Ravi is returning to Secolari to share his passion for cooking.

When it comes to Indian food, the consensus is unanimous; Chef Ravi prepares first class Indian cuisine. His cuisine extends to Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and other cuisines.

Chef Ravi’s knowledge and enthusiasm for spices makes any cooking class magical. Together you will create delicious, flavorful, and fascinating dishes. Idea for anyone who yearns for truly authentic, delicious, and exceptional food that awakens the sense of taste.

His website is www.adventureforfood.com

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