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Shrimp in Parsley Mint Pesto

This simple shrimp recipe is made with a rustic pesto of fresh parsley and mint, and a best-quality olive oil. An excellent main course with a salad on the side! This pesto can be used with grilled seafood, fish,  and vegetables. Chef Alba


Shrimp with Mortar-Pestle Garlic Harissa Sauce

A remarkably simple recipe, using fresh garlic, warm spices, and harissa sauce to dress the shrimp. Harissa sauce is a spicy North African (Maghreb) condiment that is served with most dishes during meals. Have fun grinding this sauce in a mortar and pestle and make it as spicy or mild as you like. A delightful and impressive recipe that can be served as a tapa, meze, or a main course dish. Chef Alba


Orzo Pasta with Fresh Lemon and Herbs

A sprinkling of lemon zest gives this pasta dish an unmistakable scent.   The lemon juice becomes the seasoning of this dish, a delicate and light citrus flavor. The key is not to overdo with the quantity of lemon, otherwise it risks covering all the other flavors. It should be the right balance of lemon juice and a good quality of olive oil. Add the lemon juice gradually for best result. Chef Alba


Couscous Green Peas-Almonds and Herbs

I love couscous, perhaps because it was a dish my mom would make often when we lived in North Africa. Couscous is extremely versatile and incredibly practical, in just a few minutes it can be prepared and served. I prepare it in so many ways just like I do with pasta dishes. In this recipe I am using few simple ingredients such as peas, golden raisins, and almonds for an incredibly fragrant dish. Chef Alba


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