ripe tomatoes

Gazpacho Andalusian

The Andalusian gazpacho is a cold soup that remains in the heart after a visit to beautiful Spain. It is a colorful soup prepared with several fresh raw vegetables. It is therefore fresh and quenching. It is usually served as a started served in a glass or a small bowl. A perfect summer soup! Chef Alba


Baked Feta with Tomatoes and Peppers

This Baked Feta recipe (Bouyiourdi), is an appetizer/meze made with feta cheese, tomatoes and peppers. The feta absorbs the flavor and heat from the vegetables and it becomes soft, and keeps its shape. Make it spicy by adding a hot pepper if you like, or add kalamata olives. A great dish to serve with warm crusty bread. Chef Alba


Tomato Concasse

Concasse derived from the French verb concasser, meaning "to crush ", is a cooking term meaning to rough chop an ingredient, usually vegetables. Tomato concasse can be used as the base for tomato sauce, served atop crusty bread for bruschetta, over grilled steak or fish. Chef Wecker


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