Secolari Arbequina Olive Oil

Best Pecan Pie

Make this easy to bake pecan pie recipe for your guests to enjoy for Thanksgiving, a holiday, or just because you love pecan pie. For a healthier version try making the crust with our Secolari olive oil instead of butter.


Chicken Shish Kabob

Shish means “skewer” in Arabic. Shish kebab is a typical Arabic preparation in which the meat (excluding pork) is marinated with spices and then skewered to be cooked on a spit or on the embers. As with many traditional dishes, each region and even family will have their own spin. The secret to a delicious shish kebab is always in the marinade. Chef Alba


Grilled Sausage Peppers and Tomatoes (Spetsofai)

Spetsofai is a rustic Greek dish made with country sausages, colorful bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and paprika. This dish should be served with crusty warm bread to scoop up the delicious sauce. Pairs well with red wine and a salty kefalotyri cheese or tangy feta on the side. Chef Alba


Salmon Skewers with Arugula Sauce

Salmon is so versatile, it holds to all types of cooking methods -- grilling, pan-frying, roasting, poaching. It's more delicious adorned in this arugula and basil sauce. It's a terrific dish for quick weeknight meals and impressive dinner parties alike. You can have this satisfying dinner on the table in just a half an hour. Chef Wecker


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