Secolari Garlic Olive Oil

Balsamic Marinaded Portabella Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are the large mature form of baby cremini mushrooms. They can grow up to six inches in diameter. They are low in calorie and have a rich array of antioxidant properties and nutrients. They can be cooked in a variety of ways and served as a side dish or as an alternative to meat as a main course. Enjoy this balsamic marinade to cook the Portabella mushrooms, and if you have extra, use it to dip warm...


Shrimp with Roasted Yellow Pepper Coulis

Coulis is a French sauce which can be sweet or savory, depending on what it is meant to accompany. It is an evenly textured sauce that has been pureed from either fruits or vegetables. In this shrimp and vegetable recipe, using coulis enhances the flavor of dish as well as making it look more sophisticated on the plate. Chef Wecker


Petite Lamb Chops over Roasted Root Vegetables

You absolutely will love the taste of petite lamb chops; they can stand on their own with just salt and pepper then pan seared in olive oil. If we were to choose a favorite cut, it would hands down be the petite lamb chop because of its tenderness and flavor. A great appetizer served as lamb "lollipops" or as a main entrée. Simple, yet looks so sophisticated. Chef Wecker


Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Crispy Prosciutto

Making these appetizing medallions are a different way to bring pork tenderloin and thinly shaved prosciutto to the table. This is a tasty dish that can be prepared in a short time.  When served, this recipe is always a great success with family or friends to relish. Chef Alba


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