Secolari Lemon Olive Oil

Bibb Lettuce Salad Grilled Feta and Watermelon

Feta is a Greek word that means "slice". Feta a tangy, salted cheese can be served in salads, pies, with vegetables or meats. This creamy white Greek cheese is traditionally made from sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep’ and goats’ milk.  When grilled it bursts with flavors from the juice of the watermelon and saltiness of the feta cheese. Serve over cool lettuce, it is a perfect sweet and savory combination! Chef Wecker


Chef Alba’s Moroccan Lettuce Wraps

Crunchy Romaine lettuce becomes the edible vessels for this heavenly Moroccan dish. Morocco’s exotic cuisine has been influenced by Berbers, Moors, Arabs, and other civilizations throughout history. Morocco’s past inhabitants are still responsible for culinary methods and practices that are still flourishing today. Let your palate appreciate the unique flavors and warming spices of this elegant dish. Chef Alba


Green Beans Caramelized Onions-Pine Nuts

A tasty agrodolce (sweet and sour) side or main dish, if you are a vegetarian. Suitable to accompany a grilled meat, fish, or seafood. The mint enriches the green beans, it makes it particularly appetizing and fragrant. Toasted pine nuts give a firm and crispy tone to this dish. An outstanding recipe to make for a special occasion or holidays! Chef Alba


Honey Dew and Crispy Prosciutto

This Melon salad is a unique, light, and refreshing recipe to serve during the hot summer months. It’s an ideal dish to bring to the table as an appetizer or include in a picnic basket. The sweetness and juiciness of the honeydew melon compliments the crispiness and saltiness of the prosciutto and cheese. This dish is superb, colorful, full of flavor. Chef Alba


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