Secolari Tandoori Olive Oil

Tandoori Shrimp

These tandoori shrimp get a marinade of a traditional Indian mixture of spices and yogurt. The yogurt holds the seasonings in place which results in a thin crust on the shrimp as it cooks. Chef Ravi.


Biryani Rice and Caramalized Onions

There are various theories related to the origin of this scrumptious dish. Some historians believe that biryani originated from Persia and was brought to India by the Mughals. Whatever the origin, this dish is addictive. Biryani is a celebration of all that is great about Indian food, the impressive aromas, the vibrant colors, the fluffy rice, and the exotic spices.  Chef Ravi


Tandoori Chicken-Tikka

The small bite-size pieces of chicken are known as tikka. It is said that Emperor Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in the 15th century, was fussy when eating chicken, in order for there to be no bones, he required for it to be cut into small pieces. A tandoor is a clay pot used for thousands of years to cook meat. Although a clay pot was not available for this recipe, by marinating the chicken in the...


Vegetable Samosas with Tandoori Olive Oil

The samosa is a delectable Indian and Tibetan pastry, similar to the Greek spanakopita. A samosa is normally a triangular shaped pastry, containing vegetables or meat with spices. It is usually fried but can be baked as well. Probably the most well-known of all the Indian snacks. In this recipe, we are using potato and peas for a vegetarian version using ready-made puff pastry. Chef Ravi


Garlic and Peanut Chutney

Chutneys are a nice finishing touch to part of an Indian meal, such as appetizers, rice dishes, roti, bread, and toppings to main Indian dishes. Tangy, sweet, or spiced, chutneys are versatile condiments to add flavor to foods. A favorite condiment in the western-Indian state of Maharashtra is called shengdaana lehsun, also known as a peanut garlic chutney. There are a few variations to this particular chutney, here is one of my favorites. Chef Ravi


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