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Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes

This is a favorite recipe for pork tenderloin that always comes out great and very tender, and the whole family will love. By adding the roasted fingerling potatoes you  don't have to make any side dishes. Chef Wecker


Strawberry Gazpacho

Gazpacho is the original dish of Andalusia that represents Spain worldwide.  According to some, Gazpacho originated during the Roman Empire, while according to others the origin would be Arabic. What is certain is that today Gazpacho is a dish known throughout the Iberian Peninsula and is prepared differently depending on the different variations that change from region to region. Gazpacho is a light cold starter soup that can be enjoyed with the vegetables and fruit is in season such...


Orange Marinated Ahi Tuna

This orange marinated tuna is a classic, popular, and well appreciated dish in Sicily. A timeless recipe I wanted to share with you because it is a delicious main dish, and simple to make. A great gourmet fish to share with friends and family for any occasion. Chef Alba


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