zest of lemon

Cod and Fennel Soup

This soup was born from the Cucina Povera. It was originally made from remaining pieces of fish that was not sold at the market at the end of the day by fisherman. This main course soup is quick, fragrant and warms the soul especially on a cold night. Chef Alba


Tuscan Peas and Pancetta

Tuscan peas also called Florentine peas, is a recipe from the Tuscany region of Italy. They are great as an accompaniment to both meat and fish entrees. A Tuscan traditional side dish made with crispy pancetta cooked with peas, a remarkable side dish to serve for the holidays! Chef Alba


Green Beans Caramelized Onions-Pine Nuts

A tasty agrodolce (sweet and sour) side or main dish, if you are a vegetarian. Suitable to accompany a grilled meat, fish, or seafood. The mint enriches the green beans, it makes it particularly appetizing and fragrant. Toasted pine nuts give a firm and crispy tone to this dish. An outstanding recipe to make for a special occasion or holidays! Chef Alba


Orzo Pasta with Fresh Lemon and Herbs

A sprinkling of lemon zest gives this pasta dish an unmistakable scent.   The lemon juice becomes the seasoning of this dish, a delicate and light citrus flavor. The key is not to overdo with the quantity of lemon, otherwise it risks covering all the other flavors. It should be the right balance of lemon juice and a good quality of olive oil. Add the lemon juice gradually for best result. Chef Alba


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