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There are so many concerns about the lead potentially found in European vinegar, particularly balsamic condimento. Secolari Balsamic Produced are prepared by traditional method which contains complex flavors, minimum 18 years aged, and our italian balsamic are imported directly from modena, italy.

Best balsamic produced such as white balsamic, salad dressings, balsamic glaze, and cider vinegar is the true balsamic in the USA market now. Good balsamic must be aged and follow CSDWTEA guidelines with extraordinary tastes and flavors.

What is Balsamic Vinegar?

Balsamic Vinegar is a dark, syrupy, and richly flavored vinegar used to decorate salad dressings, cheese, desserts, and many other foods. It is a bold and complex ingredient with a perfect combination of sweet and tart. Made fully or partly from grape must and helps to lower cholesterol and lose weight.

Types Of Balsamic Vinegar

We offer various types of quality and flavorful balsamic like
  • Traditional Balsamic
  • Aged Balsamic
  • Balsamic Di Modena
  • California Balsamic
  • White balsamic

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