Sweet Fire Pickle Chips -Hot, 16 oz

Sweet Fire Pickle Chips

Sweet Fire Pickle Chips -Hot, 16 oz


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Hand-pickled in the USA using only the best brines, these delicious Sweet Fire Pickles make the perfect accompaniment to your burger or cheese board platter. So, if you like sweet pickles but also like the zing of spicy flavors, then this pickle is the one for you. Try Secolari’s Sweet Fire Pickle Chips today.

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If you are looking for a sweet pickle with a kick, then look no further than Secolari’s Hot Sweet Fire Pickle Chips.

As the hot and spicy cousin to your everyday pickle, this Sweet Fire pickle means business! Subtly sweet but with a mouth-watering kick of habanero – this pickle chip brings a bit of wow to your next meal.

Just as it’s appropriately named, this pickle chip will send your taste buds into overdrive. Using habanero flakes for that perfect kick, this pickle tastes great in a tuna salad, chicken salad, or even chopped up and added to your homemade tartar sauce. The crisp cucumbers used in this recipe are sliced thinly and added to a slightly sweet vinegary syrup full of spicy hot goodness. One bite and you’ll agree, Secolari’s Sweet Fire Pickle Chips definitely stand out from all the rest. Topped with plenty of heat, the juice from this pickle chip makes a great addition to potato sald, macaroni salad or even homemade hamburgers.

But why stop there? This Sweet Fire Pickle Chip also makes for a great snack or quick and easy side right out of the jar! Use them to add some crunch to hamburgers, cheesburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and more. Or, simply coat them in breadcrumbs and fry them up for a fun and delicious snack for your next party. You can even use the pickle juice as a mixer or chaser for alcoholic drinks such as Bloody Marys.

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