Apple Wood Smoked Sea Salt, 2.25 oz

Apple Wood Smoked Sea Salt

Apple Wood Smoked Sea Salt, 2.25 oz


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What makes our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt Unique?

– made with smoked applewood and solar-evaporated sea salt.

– has a sweet and smoky flavor

– is all-natural

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We’ve perfected the craft of protecting all-natural gourmet sea salt.

Our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt comes from salt that has been slowly smoked over an applewood fire, giving it a sweet and smoky flavor that works with practically any meat, such as chicken, lamb, sausage, fish, and especially bacon. Season your barbecued lamb, smoked sausage, or your breakfast bacon with our Applewood Smoked Sea Salt and taste the contrast of sweet and savory that makes every other flavor pop.

Pure, 100% Natural Flavor

Our solar-evaporated, flavored sea salts are 100% all-natural. No washing or chemicals are used in the evaporation process. Each ingredient is all-natural and is carefully dried and naturally added to the sea salt. This marriage creates divine gourmet sea salts that will add bold flavor to any meal.

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