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If you don’t yet have a SECOLARIevoo affiliate account with us, you can set one up here.

If you have already set up your SECOLARIevoo affiliate account, you can log in here.

Need help? Send us an email and we’ll respond ASAP!

Your Super Easy Next Steps

Once you’ve signed up for your SECOLARIevoo account, simply put a link to us on your blog or website.

The link can be a simple text link, a button, or a banner ad. Choose whichever one(s) work best for your site.

Once your links are installed simply keep updating your site like you usually would.

That’s it! We take care of the rest. We pull the orders from our inventory, pack them, and ship them to buyers. We even handle all aspects of our customer service!

How You Make Money With the SECOLARIevoo Affiliate Program

Whenever someone clicks through your link to us and makes a purchase, you get paid a 15% commission on whatever they spend.

Easy Right?


How much does the program cost?

Nothing! Signing up is 100% free.

How do I get paid?

We pay our affiliates via PayPal. Affiliates can cash out any time after they’ve reached our $100 minimum threshold.

Do I have to make my own buttons and banners?

Nope! We provide a library of beautiful visuals to choose from when you are building your affiliate links.

Does my link have to point to the home page?

It can, but you can also set up affiliate links to point to specific pages or even specific products in our catalogs.

HINT: General site links work best in sidebars and as banner and image-based ads. Text-based links work best for the category and product-specific links, especially when they are used in a contextual manner, like when you write a recipe that uses a specific ingredient.

How will I know how much I’ve earned?

We offer a suite of tools for our affiliates that includes affiliate tracking software. This helps you see how well your links are doing and how much each payment should be. If you notice any discrepancies, contact us and we’ll fix it!

Do you use cookies?

We do! We use a cookie that will remember customers for 90 days. This is helpful for affiliates because it means that, if someone clicks on your link but doesn’t decide to buy something for a couple of weeks, you will still earn your commission on that sale!

Will I definitely make money?

Here’s what we can tell you: affiliates see over a 50% Conversion Rate when their ads get clicked. That means more than half of the people who click an affiliate link will end up making a purchase!

Ready to get started? It’s free!

Just fill out our application!

We’ll review it and get you approved (this usually takes about one business day) and you can get to publishing!

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