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Secolari California Balsamic are produced by a family owned farm located in California. The goal of our California Balsamic producer is not to have a thick, syrupy Balsamic. Instead the goal is for a light flavorful Balsamic, that will enhance the flavor of any dish. Our California Balsamic are light and flavorful, and add a unique dimension to appetizers, entrées and desserts. They are a true inspiration for the aspiring and creative chef!

Secolari Italian Balsamic are made from Trebbiano or Lambrusco grapes and originate from Modena, Italy. They are pressed to create a juice; simmered down to a concentrate; and then transfered to oak, ash, or cherry barrels and aged for at least 18 years.

All of our California and Italian Balsamic are gluten free.

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