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Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle With the Best Artisan Oils

We make premium-quality olive oil and vinegar to help you spice up your Mediterranean dishes. Artisan olive oils, seasonings, salt, vinegar, and balsamic for any Artisanal foods. Tastes you’ll love, products you can trust. Guaranteed. Start Browsing Our Selection

What Makes Secolari So Different?

Secolari olive oil and vinegar are only sourced from California producers. Why is this important for an oil and vinegar store? Well, because there’s a California Olive Oil Council, and many of our products are certified through the council! The goal of the COOC is to encourage consumers to use California olive oil because it contains healthy and fresh ingredients, which is essential if you’re cooking with it daily. We only source our products after meeting with the producer and confirming that they live up to our high olive oil store standards. Plus, we add all of our herbs and spices at the time of bottling, rather than after as many other retailers do. This helps maximize the flavor, creating a taste you’ll notice in any dish you use it in.

Certified California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are certified by the California Olive Oil Council. A COOC certification or seal of approval means the olive oil has passed distinct criteria to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Learn about the history of the olive oil industry in California and take a tour of olive groves in California in this video produced by the California Olive Oil Council.

Complex or Simple, We Have the Perfect Addition to Your Next Meal

Whether you’re looking for an extra kick of flavor or just a tasty base for your meal, we have the best selection. Here’s what we offer:

Artisan Olive Oil

We offer single varietal olive oils and flavored olive oils. From fruity and tropical extra virgin olive oils to olive oil with a mild, sweet taste, we have just the base to complement your dish. If you’re looking for an extra burst of flavor, a few of our flavored options are Italian herb olive oil, butter olive oil, cilantro olive oil, and habanero olive oil. Starting at $24.00/bottle.


Vinegar adds a little bit of a bite to any dish you’re making. Combine it with a little bit of sugar to pickle or caramelize a dish! Or, use it to balance out a salad dressing with one of our delicious olive oils.

A few of our options are red wine vinegar, Pacific spice vinegar, blackberry vinegar with roasted pepper, and ancho pepper vinegar. Starting at $23.00/bottle.

Salts & Seasoning

Who said you can only use one kind of sea salt? We believe in variety when it comes to our sea salt, which is why we have flavors like wild porcini mushroom, roasted garlic, merlot, and black truffle. Whether you’re cooking with sea salt or adding a little bit at the end, you deserve to mix it up with one of our gourmet flavors. If you need some healthy herbs to add to your dish, we have the best seasoning combinations. Our options are Mediterranean herbs and peppercorn and green teaStarting at $8.50/jar. Learn More

Are You Ready to Take Your Mediterranean Dish to the Next Level?

Cooking is fun, creative, and adventurous, so practice that in the olive oil and vinegar that you use! Quit searching, “olive oil store near me,” on Google, and indulge in one of our fresh and locally-sourced products.

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