Flavored Olive Oils Fusions to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

There’s olive oil — and then there are our premium flavored olive oils that take your cooking to the next level!

100% Mechanical and Cold Extraction Methods

Using excessive heat to extract oil from the olives may help producers get more oil out of each olive, but it also destroys the aroma and flavor qualities of the oil. We use cold extraction methods (defined as less than 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to create a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that will turn your weeknight dishes into world-class delights.

The Agrumato Method of Flavor Fusion

On top of that, we use the superior agrumato method to fuse the flavors. This method of fusion involves crushing the fruit, herb, or pepper in with the fresh early harvest olives during the “cold press” process. This allows all the essential oils and the rich flavors of the ingredients to more fully blend together, creating an oil in which you can actually taste the flavor we’ve added. Many low-quality flavored olive oils barely offer a hint of the flavor that’s been added because it is infused after the oil has already been pressed.

Variety of Flavors

From tart flavors like lime and blood orange to delicious herbs like basil and rosemary to those with a kick like roasted garlic, our flavors add a delightful variety to your cooking. You can even add the rich taste of butter, without adding the extra saturated fat. The best part is that it’s so easy! Simply add a bit of oil to your creations as you normally would and infuse your dishes with rich, tantalizing flavors.

Ready for a Flavor Explosion?

Check out the many delicious flavored oils we have available here. Get ready for a delightful culinary experience like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!


How Flavored Olive Oil Are Made?

One thing Mary and I quickly learned in our quest to “find olive” is the key difference between “flavored” olive oils and olive oils that are “infused.” “Flavored” olive oils are created when the herb, fruit, or pepper is added at the time when the olives are first “cold pressed.” This is called the Agrumato method, and these fused olive oils are made with fresh picked organic whole fruit or herbs, which are crushed together with fresh early harvest olives using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods. If the fruit or herb was not included in the pressing, this would be an Extra Virgin oil.

Infused Vs Fused Oils

In contrast, “infused oils” are created when the herb, fruit, or pepper is added after the olive pressing. Indeed, many producers of infused oils will not even add the actual produce to the olive oil, but actually utilize extracts. Others, we have found, will even add artificially flavored extracts. These “infused” oils are almost metallic and somewhat inconsistent and unbalanced in taste. Another key variable is the base oil that makes up the flavored oils – is it Extra Virgin oil or a lesser quality oil? Often times the base oil is in fact an inferior oil and does not qualify as an “Extra Virgin” under the standards of the California Olive Oil Council. Flavored Olive Oils Ingredients 1 Flavored Olive Oils Ingredients 2 Flavored Olive Oils Ingredients 3 By far, in our view, “flavored” olive oils with an Extra Virgin oil base are remarkably superior to any “infused” oils that we have sampled. Yet even among the numerous “flavored” oils Mary and I tried, only just a handful compare to the exceptional oils we carry from this longtime California producer. This particular producer located in the Central California valley, traces his family roots to Sicily, and uses only the freshest and ripest herbs, fruits and peppers. He then adds them in prescribed amounts at the time the olives are first “cold pressed.” This proprietary process results in a thoroughly embedded olive oil that captures the fresh flavor and aroma of the particular herb, fruit, or pepper. The flavor is incredibly dispersed throughout the oil with an even and delicate balance. The flavor is not overpowering, but just right. Unlike other producers, no heat is added during the process. Further, this producer uses as his base oil, only oils that otherwise would qualify for the Extra Virgin stamp of excellence. While Mary and I have not sampled every flavored olive oil on the market, we certainly believe these Secolari-branded oils are possibly the best flavored oils on the East Coast.