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Add More Flavor to Meals with Quality Single Varietal Olive Oils

Make your favorite dish more appealing and enhance its natural flavors with our single varietal olive oils.

What is Single Varietal Olive Oil?

Single varietal olive oil is the purest form of oil pressed from one varietal (type) of olive from one olive grove. It has no additional flavors added to it.

So, if you’re looking for natural, organic olive oil, our single varietal olive oils are your best bet.

Taste the Secolari Single Varietal Cooking Olive Oil Difference

The different flavors of our single variety oils are brought about by their differences in the level of ripeness and bitterness. They also vary in their levels of pungency, giving them a bitey or smooth taste. Here are the typical characteristics of our olive oil varieties:

  • Arbequina: The oil is clean, fresh, and herbal with sweet, notes of apple, artichoke undertones, and sweet. It’s perfect for sauteing or grilling BBQ, fish, chicken, vegetables as well as soups and sauces.
  • Ascolano: Delicate extra virgin oil is herbaceous and floral with slight grassy notes, apricot flavor, and bitter finish. It has a mild to medium pungency for a long-lasting pleasant-tasting finish.
  • Arbosana: This oil comes with a robust nutty taste with some peppery undertones. It’s the perfect substitute for cooking oil.
  • Koroneiki: This extra virgin olive oil is loved for its grassy flavor and piquant spiciness. It’s perfect for hearty soups, potatoes, bean dishes, dips, salsas, and pasta sauces.

Enjoy Your Meals with the Best Single Varietal Olive Oil

If you’re tired of unhealthy and unenjoyable meals, Secolari is your one-stop online shop for all your single varietal olive oil needs. Browse our products and discover why our single varietal olive oils are loved by many.

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