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Secolari® Vinegar & California Balsamic

Nestled at the end of a gravel tree lined road, just east of San Luis Obispo and a bit south of Paso Robles, sits 20 acres of natural landscape, with 2 acres of an organic farm owned by Craig and Cari. These former high school sweethearts purchased this small piece of heaven in 2005 to grow organic vegetables. Little did they know, their purchase would lead them into the production of award winning vinegars and California balsamic. So unique and tasty, Mary and I have yet to find any other vinegar or California balsamic that compare with these outstanding artisanal products. While we will continue with our search and meet with other producers to offer our customers the widest selection possible, thus far, Craig and Cari have set a new standard few of whom, in our view, can meet.

All of the organically grown fruits, herbs and vegetables are handpicked and placed in small vats along with an organic Kosher base vinegar. Once added with the “Mother,” the fusion is carried through a mild fermentation process that takes several months to complete. Two more secret steps are taken to ensure the flavors are secured. Produced only in small batches, none of their products can be found in any supermarket or grocery store chain – only in specialty gourmet food shops like Secolari®.

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