Red Wine Vinegar, 375ml, Intense Flavor

Red Wine Vinegar, 375ml, Intense Flavor


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Our Red Wine Vinegar is very well suited for salads as it imparts an intense depth of flavor into your favorite vinaigrette’s. This beautiful wine vinegar is garnet red in color, slightly tannic on the finish, and has a lower acidity than most aged wine vinegar at 4.5%.

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Combine it with any of our olive oils, some finely minced garlic, a bit of Chardonnay Mustard, and a pinch of Fleur de Sel Sea Salt and there you have it: the perfect salad dressing! Just a spoonful of this fantastic vinaigrette is enough to brighten up any salad.

Our Wine Vinegar is a great addition to Caponata, Panzanella, and for finishing cooked winter greens – especially kale, swiss chard & collards. It is perfect for use in slow-cooked beef and chicken stews, and for any recipe that calls for “agrodolce,” or “sweet & sour” notes of flavor.

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