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Secolari produces top quality salt and vinegar seasoning and people just love our collections.

Mark Bitterman is a man truly possessed by salt.  In his 312 pages recent treatise devoted exclusively to the subject of artisan-produced salt, an expert on such matters, observed in his book entitled SALTED:

“Using salts with character and integrity awakens us to the full potential of the
ingredient. Salting mindfully, and with a basic understanding of a salt’s properties
and behavior, will lead inescapably to better nutrition and better-tasting food. Master
salt and virtually every food will shine in a new light.”

One needs only add a dash of our Black Truffle Sea Salt to fully appreciate Mr Bitterman’s insight – an entirely new dimension and complexity is added to an already exceptional dish.

Sea Salt and Vinegar Seasoning salt and vinegar seasoningTop Rated Seasoned Salt & Dipping Blends

Secolari offers top quality salt and seasoning such as sea salts, dipping blends, and seasonings. Shop now for a healthy unique flavor to any dish.

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