Rosemary Olive Oil, 375ml, Light taste with Intense Flavor

Rosemary Olive Oil

Rosemary Olive Oil, 375ml, Light taste with Intense Flavor

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Original price was: $26.50.Current price is: $18.55.

The fresh taste and aroma of fresh-picked rosemary in this fused cold pressed olive oil hits the palate up front, and finishes smooth. ... more

Secolari Rosemary Olive Oil is light in texture, but full in flavor, and is a versatile olive oil. It is great drizzled on salads, beef, chicken, potatoes, or pork chops. Or use Rosemary Olive Oil for cooking and slow basting lamb or turkey.

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What Makes Rosemary Olive Oil Unique?

  • Made from fresh picked rosemary leaves
  • Has a light texture but full flavor that finishes smooth.
  • Our Rosemary Olive Oil is cold-pressed using the Agrumato method and minimally processed which ensures better taste.
  • Is a fused, NOT infused, olive oil.
  • Bottle size: 375mL. Includes a tapi pour spout.

100% Fresh Quality

Our Rosemary Olive Oil is a fused, NOT infused, extra virgin olive oil, created by using the Agrumato method. The olives and fresh-picked rosemary are cold-pressed together at the same time. No chemicals or heat are used during oil and herb extraction which insures a better quality taste and preserves its nutrients.

Choose Fused

An infused oil is when the flavor or extracts are added after the oil is pressed which causes the oil to breakdown faster. However, since fused oils use the Agrumato method, they hold the flavor much longer and have a brighter, more natural taste.

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