Butter Olive Oil (Mantequilla), 375ml, Rich Buttery Flavor without Saturated Fat

Mantequilla Olive Oil

Butter Olive Oil (Mantequilla), 375ml, Rich Buttery Flavor without Saturated Fat


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Our Butter Olive Oil is made from a plant-based natural butter flavor blended together with cold pressed California olives. ... more

It is vegetarian and dairy-free. The creamy and rich taste of this butter flavored oil is a fantastic healthier alternative for regular butter. Use as a substitute in baking or anywhere you may use melted butter. This butter olive oil is amazing on pancakes, waffles, corn on the cob, and shrimp scampi.

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What Makes Our Butter Olive Oil Unique?

  • Made from an artfully blended plant-based natural butter flavor
  • Has a creamy and rich taste.
  • Vegetarian and dairy free.
  • A fantastic alternative to butter without the saturated fat.
  • The olives are cold-pressed and minimally processed which ensures better taste.
  • Bottle size: 375mL. Includes a tapi pour spout.

100% Fresh Quality

Butter Olive Oil are harvested from California olive groves and cold-pressed. No chemicals or heat are used during oil extraction which ensures a better quality taste and preserves its nutrients. Artfully Blended The plant-based natural butter flavor is artfully blended together with California-made extra virgin olive oil. They are made in small batches each harvest year and are one-of-a-kind olive oils.

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