5 Helpful Tips for Cooking With Vinegar

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Cooking With Vinegar

5 Helpful Tips for Cooking With Vinegar

Did you know that the Babylonians have used vinegar since 5,000 BC to spice their dishes and drinks? Vinegar is one of the most popular acids and November 1st is considered to be the National Vinegar Day in the US.

But do you know the basics of cooking with vinegar? How often do you use this mild acid to add flavor and taste to your dishes? Keep reading this article to find out how to cook with vinegar.

1. Follow the “Four Parts Oil One Part Vinegar” Rule

Vinegar should be used sparingly to add taste and flavor to dishes. When you use too much vinegar, you can make your salad too acidic. If you use it in other foods and pour too much vinegar, you’ll eventually want to compensate by adding too much sugar. It’s best to follow the classic rule of “four parts vinegar, one part oil“. By using less vinegar in your dishes, you will also be able to afford more expensive brands that sell higher-quality products.

2. Use Different Types of Vinegar With Certain Foods

There are multiple types of vinegar on the market and they have different flavors. Expert chefs recommend using white vinegar for pickling certain foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and so on. If you’re preparing Asian dishes, use rice vinegar. Balsamic vinegar can be used for finishing dishes to enhance their flavor and taste. Finally, sherry vinegar should be used for the most sophisticated foods, particularly those that contain a lot of white meat.

3. Add One Teaspoon of Vinegar to Fruit Pies

Fruit pie is one of the most appreciated and popular desserts worldwide. It’s also a very sugary type of food that could benefit from a small amount of vinegar to balance it up. Add one teaspoon of vinegar to your fruit pie to reduce excessive sweetness and make it more palatable. This can also be done for other desserts that are very sweet by nature.

4. Use Vinegar for Homemade Bread

If you love homemade bread then vinegar can help make it rise higher in the oven. Just add one tablespoon of vinegar for every two and a half cups of flour. This will make the bread grow higher and improve its taste. You can use white vinegar or a different variety, depending on your preferences.

5. Use Vinegar to Boil Cracked Eggs

It can be frustrating to pay for 10 eggs and arrive home with 2 of them already cracked in the container. Still, you can hard-boil these eggs by adding one tablespoon of vinegar. Add the vinegar directly to the boiling water and watch how it prevents the egg white from getting out of the shell.

Now You Know More About Cooking With Vinegar

As you can see, cooking with vinegar can be very entertaining, especially since you can use this mild acid with different types of dishes and ingredients. Remember that the quality of the vinegar also counts, so shop for high-quality varieties to get the best meals.

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