Everything You Need To Know About Secolari® Balsamics and Vinegars

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Everything You Need To Know About Secolari® Balsamics and Vinegars

About Secolari® Balsamic and Vinegar Collection

Secolari®️ Vinegar

All of Secolari®️ branded vinegar originate from a small organic family farm in California, and are made in limited batches.

Each vinegar starts with hand-selected, hand-picked fruits, herbs, or peppers. The fruits, herbs or peppers are placed in small vats along with an organic Kosher base vinegar.

The “Mother” is then added to promote fermentation. The “Mother” is developed from the original batches. The infusion is then taken through a “mild” fermentation process that takes several months to complete.

Two more secret steps are taken to ensure the flavors are locked in before our products are available for purchase and consumption.Balsamic and Vinegar

Our vinegar are truly unique, and available only in limited batches. Our producer has won numerous awards for these vinegar including a number of the coveted Sofi awards sponsored by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade.

Order Secolari Vinegar and Taste The Difference!

Secolari® California Balsamic

Our California Balsamic are produced by a family owned farm located in California.

The process for creating a California Balsamic is very different than the aging process for Balsamic from Italy. California Balsamic is made from California Zinfandel grapes which are fermented in STAINLESS STEEL, not aged in wood.

The Zinfandel base is then re-fermented, using fine fruits and herbs to create the final product. The Balsamic is pressed into a juice and boiled down to a concentrate.The juice is collected and poured into a huge vat that’s placed over a powerful outdoor burner.

The must, or musto, as it is called in Italy, gently bubbles away, giving off a foam that must be continuously scooped off so that cloudiness doesn’t have a chance to set in. After a number of days, the condensed juice is then cooled and poured into a holding container in the aging house, where it becomes a complex liquid layered with flavors of the earth and the grape. While our California Balsamic is aged less than Italian Balsamic, they will rival any from Italy.

The goal of our California Balsamic producer is not to have a thick, syrupy Balsamic. Instead the goal is for a light flavorful Balsamic, that will enhance the flavor of any dish. Indeed, all of SECOLARI branded California Balsamic are light and flavorful, and add a unique dimension to appetizers, entrées and desserts. They are a true inspiration for the aspiring and creative chef!

All of our California Balsamic are gluten free. Shop Our California Balsamic


Secolari®️ Italian Aged Balsamic

Secolari®️ Italian Balsamic are made from Trebbiano or Lambrusco grapes and originate from Modena, Italy. Our Italian Balsamic are aged no less than 18 years.They are pressed to create a juice; simmered down to a concentrate; and then transferred to oak, ash, or cherry barrels and aged for at least 18 years. Our Balsamic are not sold as an “aceto balsamico tradizionale” but rather as a “condimento” which is reserved for exclusive commercial distribution. The “aceto balsamico tradizionale” label requires the Balsamic to go through a rigorous certification process. With only about 10% of the submissions earning the certification each year, these certified Balsamic are typically offered at hundreds of dollars an per ounce of product. However, “condimento” Balsamic are still aged no less than 18 years, have a thick velvet consistency, and have the taste and quality of a beautifully aged “aceto balsamico tradizionale.” If your not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars, then you will find Secolari®️ Balsamic to be unmatched in taste and quality. Each Balsamic is truly exceptional!

Our flavored Italian Balsamic are created by infusing the fruits or herb, or its natural flavoring, with the aged Balsamic from Modena, Italy.

Shop Our Italian Balsamic

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