25 Secolari Recipes You Need to Try in January 2022

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25 Secolari Recipes You Need to Try in January 2022

25 Secolari Recipes You Need to Try in January 2022

The new year is upon us, and what better way to celebrate new beginnings than with a refreshingly new set of recipes to add to your cookbook?

Secolari recipes focus on cooking with both health and flavor in mind. Our many recipes are great not just for spicing up your week’s menu but also for adding healthier cooking ingredients and methods into your repertoire.

The following recipes are as delightfully delicious as they are infused with healthy ingredients. With this in mind, let’s jump into this list of 25 excellent recipes to try in January 2022.

1. Balsamic Marinaded Portabella Mushrooms

Type of Dish: Appetizer

Portobello mushrooms are perfect for soaking up the rich and full-bodied flavors of balsamic marinades, while still remaining a low-calorie option. These delicious mushrooms offer a wide array of antioxidants and nutrients, cooked to perfection with equally healthy and tasty Secolari olive oil.

Find this recipe here!

2. Pistachio & Herb Stuffed Shrimp

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Entrée

Shrimp is always a great main ingredient in any appetizer or entrée – but you can take your shrimp recipes a step further with the fragrant and crunchy additions of pistachio and herbs. This stuffed shrimp recipe is a delicacy for the ages that is sure to wow your family and friends.

Dive into this recipe here!

3. Seared Scallops with Fresh Herb Dressing

Type of Dish: Entrée

Nothing quite beats the comfort of a savory dish of scallops. Take this dish to the next level with the refreshing twist of fresh herb dressing, ideally seared in a pan using an olive oil of your choosing. This awesome recipe is a great entrée addition to any seafood feast.

Pick up this recipe here!

4. Cauliflower Carbonara

Type of Dish: Side Dish

Cauliflower is an incredibly versatile ingredient. In this traditional Italian dish, cauliflower serves as the main ingredient to a unique carbonara that will surprise and delight the Italian food lovers in your life. Serve this dish over rice or pasta for some added comfort!

Whip up this carbonara by following this recipe.

5. Sausage al Vino Rosso

Type of Dish: Entrée

Juicy sausages dripping in a red-wine-based sauce, partially boiled before pan-fried to perfection – what could be better?! This Sausage al Vino Rosso recipe is sure to ignite your taste buds with robust and hearty flavors.

Grab this recipe for your cookbook here.

6. Adana Beef Kebabs with Yogurt Sauce

Type of Dish: Entrée

Bring the traditions of Turkey to your dinner table with these awesome, hand-minced meat kebabs. Made with quality beef and mounted on to wide iron skewers, these kebabs are a great addition to your grill-day favorites. Serve with a yogurt sauce for a truly traditional experience.

Click here to view the full recipe.

7. Linguine Milanese

Type of Dish: Entrée

Pasta lovers – rejoice! This Linguine Milanese recipe is one of our chef’s own original recipes that has been passed down for generations. The key ingredient to this pasta dish is dill – first boiled and then used to add a healthy dose of flavor to the sauce.

Grab a spoonful of this recipe here!

8. Smoked Paprika Beef Filet

Type of Dish: Entrée

Smoked paprika is a flavor loved by many, thanks to its combination of dried red peppers that have been smoked over an open wood fire to give it its signature smoky taste. This seasoning makes the perfect dry rub and sauce for red meats, combining richness with smokiness.

Your meat lovers will love you even more for grabbing this recipe.

9. Tandoori Shrimp

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Entrée

The tandoori-style cooking method is a tradition in Indian cuisine – so naturally, this tandoori shrimp recipe is rich with the spices and yogurt found in traditional Indian recipes! The yogurt helps form a thin crust around the shrimp, allowing the meal to fully absorb the flavors of the spices.

Catch this recipe here!

10. Shrimp Grilled in Parsley Mint Pesto

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Entrée

Who said simple couldn’t be refreshing and delicious? This super-easy grilled shrimp recipe relies on one key ingredient – a rustic pesto made with fresh parsley and mint. Serve as an appetizer, entrée, or topping for a salad.

Get this minty-fresh recipe here.

11. Egg & Bacon Stuffed Bread

Type of Dish: Breakfast or Brunch Entrée

Though this recipe is simple in its execution, the final product looks like something straight out of a food magazine! Impress your brunch crowd with this egg and bacon stuffed bread, complete with a light drizzle of Secolari’s white balsamic.

Spruce up your breakfast menu with this recipe.

12. Petite Lamb Chops Over Roasted Root Vegetables

Type of Dish: Dinner Entrée

Everybody needs some fancy dinner recipes up their sleeve and this petite lamb chop roast will have your dinner guests begging for seconds. These lamb chops are flavorful enough with just olive oil, salt, and pepper. Serve them over your choice of roasted root vegetables, like potatoes or carrots.

Enjoy this delicious meal with this recipe.

13. Crispy Mozzarella

Type of Dish: Appetizer

Nothing beats melted cheese – except, perhaps, melted cheese covered in delicious, crispy breading! These crispy mozzarella balls are the ideal addition to any snack or appetizer table, and are sure to have your guests asking you for the recipe in no time.

Add this recipe to your appetizer table!

14. Chef Alba’s Moroccan Lettuce Wraps

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Lunch Entrée

Get a taste of authentic Moroccan cuisine with our own Chef Alba’s Moroccan Lettuce Wraps. This exotic cuisine will excite your palette with warm spices and elegant flavors, all wrapped up in the perfect lettuce vessel.

Check out this recipe here.

15. Portobello Mushrooms Caprese Style

Type of Dish: Appetizer

Simple to make and undeniably tasty, these stuffed mushroom caps combine the richness of portobellos with the fresh flavors of Caprese-style ingredients. Serve with a healthy drizzle of olive oil and balsamic to really bring out these well-rounded flavors.

Add the recipe to your repertoire here!

16. Chicken Shish Kabob

Type of Dish: Entrée

Heat up your grill and get your skewers ready – it’s time to make some delicious shish kabobs! The handmade marinade is the key ingredient to this delightful chicken shish kabob recipe, so make sure to marinate your meat for at least 2 hours!

Make these skewers today with this recipe.

17. Chicken Samosa with Apricot

Type of Dish: Entrée

Samosas are the comfort food to beat all comfort foods – small pastries filled with ingredients of your choosing, cooked until perfectly golden and crispy. This recipe uses a wonderful chicken filling, complemented by an apricot jalapeno jelly for all your dipping needs.

Sweeten your dinner menu with this recipe!

18. Crab Cake Kovalam

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Entrée

It is seriously hard to go wrong with crab cakes – but you can make things go even more perfectly with this amazing Arabian crab cake recipe. Kovalam – a beach town by the Arabian sea – is known for its scrumptious seafood sensations. Bring this culture and its flavors to your dinner table with these crab cakes!

Fry up these crab cakes with this recipe.

19. Tuscan Peas & Pancetta

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Side Dish

Transform your dinner table into a Tuscan café with the help of this Tuscan peas recipe. The sweet bite of peas combines with the crispy savoriness of the pancetta, forming a charming side dish fit for casual and formal dinners alike.

Scoop up this delicious recipe here.

20. Lentil Vellutata in Red Wine with Crispy Broccoli

Type of Dish: Side Soup

Cooked in sauteed veggies and flavored with a variety of aromatics and spices, this lentil vellutata is velvet perfection. Serve this soup on its own or as a side dish, with a scoop of crispy broccoli placed right in the center to bring out the earthy notes and flavors.

Dip into this recipe here.

21. Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Crispy Prosciutto

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Entrée

What’s better than a juicy bite of pork tenderloin medallions? Pork tenderloin medallions wrapped in crispy prosciutto, of course! This mouth-watering recipe is abundantly flavorful and can be prepared in no time. Use a drizzle of Secolari’s Fig Balsamic to bring out the sweeter notes of this dish.

Bite into these crispy medallions with this recipe!

22. Bruschetta with Ricotta-Lemon

Type of Dish: Appetizer or Side Dish

Give your traditional bruschetta a unique flair with this ricotta-lemon recipe. Rather than the classic tomato and feta topping, this bruschetta is made with creamy ricotta and the zest of lemon, topped with fresh chopped basil as a nod to its original form.

Add this bruschetta to your appetizer spread with this recipe.

23. Fresh-Caught Tuna & Fennel

Type of Dish: Entrée

If you like seafood, then you will absolutely love this fresh-caught tuna and fennel recipe. Tuna is a rich and versatile ingredient that can be cooked in many ways including baked, grilled, or pan-seared. Paired with fennel, this recipe is a refreshing pleasure.

Dive into seafood delight with this recipe!

24. Garlic Naan Bread

Type of Dish: Side Dish

Get your dipping sauces ready, because we are making the best naan you’ll ever taste! This authentic garlic naan recipe is designed to be made in your own home oven – no tandoori oven needed. With just a bit of garlic and fresh herbs, this naan is perfectly seasoned and ready to be dipped in olive oil, balsamic, or traditional yogurt sauce!

Make the perfect naan bread with this recipe.

25. Maghreb Hummus & Olive Salad

Type of Dish: Side Dish

Remember that naan recipe we just covered? Well here’s the perfect dip to pair with it – our Maghreb hummus and olive salad recipe is a Middle Eastern sensation. Made with authentic tahini, this hummus recipe is fragrant and excellently spiced. Garnish with toppings of your choosing such as a drizzle of olive oil, fresh olives, and paprika.

Craft a delicious bowl of hummus with this recipe!

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