Why California Olive Oil Is the Best and Healthiest Type of Olive Oil

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Why California Olive Oil Is the Best and Healthiest Type of Olive Oil

Did you know that nearly 75% of the total olive oil produced in the United States comes from California only? The beautiful climate and rich soils allow farmers to grow some of the most beautiful and delicious olives out there.

California olive oil is known all over the world for multiple reasons. You can choose from numerous types of olive oils to be used for cooking or even applied as a moisturizer on the skin. Keep reading to find out why the best olive oil comes from California.

It’s Cold Pressed and Minimally Processed

There are multiple ways to make olive oil. Californian farmers use proven methods to extract the most nutrients from the olives and preserve their rich, natural taste. For example, most high-quality olive oil in California is cold-pressed and extra-virgin. This means that the olives have been pressed only once using equipment that doesn’t involve heat.

As a result, the natural taste and flavor of the olives are virtually unaltered. This extraction method makes some of the most delicious olive oils out there and you’ll experience this next time when you use the olive oil in salads and marinades.

The Olive Oil Can Be Enriched With Extra Flavors

In some cases, Californian farmers use additional leaves and ingredients to add flavor to the olive oil. For example, they can add basil leaves, oregano, garlic cloves, lemons, and rosemary springs when they press the olive oil. This processing method enriches the flavor of the resulting oil, making it even more delicious and tasty.

The Olives Are Grown Locally, Not Imported

Most Californian olive oils are so good because they’re also made using olives grown on rich Californian soil. Some of these olive trees are grown in sustainable farms and they are treated with the utmost care by experienced farmers. No chemicals are used to make the olives grow faster or to alter their development in any way. This gives you more peace of mind that you’re buying a natural, high-quality olive oil each time.

There Are No GMOs or Gluten Added to Californian Olive Oils

Gluten is commonly added to different types of foods to make the ingredients stick together better. However, this type of protein can cause allergic reactions or even celiac disease in some people. Most high-quality Californian olive oils don’t contain gluten, dairy products or added chemicals to enrich their taste.

At the same time, these olive oils are GMO-free. They come from family-owned farms and pass multiple tests to ensure their exceptional quality and taste. This ensures that the olive oil you’re buying has an optimal fat profile that promotes vibrant health in individuals of all ages. As you probably already know, regular consumption of olive oil can improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, so it shouldn’t be left out from your diet.

Now You Know Why California Olive Oil Is So Good!

As you can see, a bottle of California olive oil can become a staple in your diet and help improve your cardiovascular health. People who live the longest are avid consumers of olive oil, so if you want to live a long and healthy life, you might want to use olive oil more often in your meals.

For a quick selection of some of the best California olive oils out there, make sure that you check out our olive oil varieties and experience their sublime taste and flavor! Start cooking with high-quality cold-pressed olive oil and experience the difference in flavor.

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