Frying With Olive Oil: Taking Your Dish to the Next Level

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Frying With Olive Oil

Frying With Olive Oil: Taking Your Dish to the Next Level

Did you know people have been making olive oil for nearly 5,000 years?

At first, olive oil was used for lighting lamps and religious ceremonies. No doubt the ancients also used it to drizzle over bread, vegetables, and other cold dishes.

Then, around the height of the Greek empire, someone had the brilliant idea to cook with it. Ever since then, we’ve used olive oil for frying, baking, and everything in between.

Have you ever considered frying with olive oil? Have you heard rumors that it’s not a good oil for frying foods?

We’re here to set the facts straight. Read on to learn everything you need to know about frying with olive oil (and why you should)!

Olive Oil Is Excellent for Your Health

Many oils used for frying, like canola or sesame oil, undergo chemical changes at very high heat. They’re loaded with polyunsaturated fats that oxidize at high heat and wreak havoc on your health.

Olive oil, on the other hand, is made up of mostly monosaturated fats. These heart-healthy fats give your body the energy it needs without clogging your arteries.

The best way to fry foods with olive oil is to sear or shallow fry in a pan. To ensure the perfect texture and taste, make sure the oil is hot enough before introducing raw food.

Olive Oil Remains Stable at High Heat

Olive oil contains antioxidants called phenols that protect the oil from oxidation at high temperatures. It remains chemically unchanged throughout the cooking process with all its nutrients intact.

The smoking point of olive oil is anywhere between 380 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This is well above the required temperature for everything but the highest heat cooking.

Other oils may reach this undesired smoking point before they’re hot enough to cook the food properly. The high smoking point of olive oil ensures your food will stay tender and juicy without absorbing too much oil.

Frying with Olive Oil Makes Delicious Food

Remember the last time you had French fries from a fast food joint? They were probably soggy and limp from soaking up too much grease.

If you fry foods with olive oil, it will form a slight crust on the outside that prevents the food from absorbing too much oil. This will improve the taste and texture of your meals, keeping everything crisp and fresh.

Pure olive oil has a fantastic flavor on its own, but it’s far from your only choice. You can also add variety to your cooking with flavored olive oils like garlic, rosemary, or even habanero pepper.

What’s the Best Olive Oil for Frying?

That bottle of olive oil in your pantry is good for more than just dressings and dips.

Frying with olive oil is a healthy and delicious way to prepare your favorite meals. The next time you need to sizzle vegetables or meat, reach for a bottle of heart-healthy olive oil.

Not only will your body thank you, but your taste buds will too!

Are you looking for flavorful, high-quality olive oil to cook with? Check out our selection of single varietals olive oil and discover your new favorite today.

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