Harnessing the Power of Cooking With Olive Oil for Weight Loss

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Cooking With Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Harnessing the Power of Cooking With Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Did you know that a diet rich in olive oil reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes? Are you exploring different healthy eating habits and are looking to understand olive oil better?

In this article, you’ll learn about olive oil for weight loss and why so many use it for this benefit. Read on to discover all of these benefits so you can finally kick start the weight loss you really want.

How Is Olive Oil Made?

Olive oil has been a part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. It’s made by crushing and then pressing olives. Ripe olives are pressed and offer a rich flavor. If you go with extra virgin olive oil, it uses the first pressing of ripe olives. Virgin Olive Oil uses the first pressing as well but can contain more acid and has a less smooth flavor.

Olive oil calories are the same no matter which olive oil you choose. The terms extra and light are referring to the flavor and color, not the number of calories.

A Smart Fat

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats are what you want the fat in your meals to mostly contain. These unsaturated fats can help lower your bad cholesterol. Avoid saturated fats which are found in coconut and palm oils as well as animal products.

You can find plenty of omega-3 in olive oil. When you have lower cholesterol levels, you’re less likely to develop a stroke or heart disease. You can use olive oil in a variety of dishes and enjoy the health benefits of polyunsaturated fats.

Instead of choosing a salad dressing, opt for extra virgin olive oil with red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar. This is a healthy and flavorful alternative when you’re trying to use olive oil fat loss.

Olive Oil and Weight Loss

To learn how to melt belly fat, you’ll want to do this weight loss method. This is mixing 6 servings a day with other ingredients such as lean protein. Ensure you’re also including plenty of vegetables in your diet for the ultimate olive oil weight loss. Limit or skip out on processed starch and sweeteners.

Making healthy food choices isn’t just great for weight loss, but for long-term methods to keeping the weight off. You can flavor your meals with olive oil instead of saturated fats for an explosion of flavors.

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is packed with plenty of polyphenols which is great for weight loss. If you’re not getting enough vegetables, you can make your meals taste delicious by drizzling some olive oil on top. Another benefit of olive oil and weight loss is the fact it helps cut hunger.

Since olive oil contains oleic acid, it helps us feel full for longer. It has monounsaturated fat which is great for producing lower levels of insulin. Insulin is what turns blood sugar into belly fat. It also contains Vitamin E which is great as an anti-inflammatory and is great for hair and skin.

The antioxidants found in olive oil can also raise your HDL which is known as your good cholesterol. It’s vital to have a good balance of LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL in your body. Since olive oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it’s great for lowering fat absorption in meals.

How to Use Olive Oil

Olive oil does have a smoke point, as does any oil. It’s great for salads and dressings or adding to your other meals such as meats and vegetables when cooking. You can cook with olive oil, but don’t cook it at too high of a temperature, keeping it below 410 degrees F.

Storing and Using Olive Oil

Olive oil lasts a while. If you buy the store-bought ones in clear glass, they can be kept for about 3 months. If you buy it in a dark or sealed tin bottle and keep it in a cool and dark place, it can last for 2 years. It’s always best to use your olive oil sooner than 2 years. Antioxidants in foods can diminish after a year of storage, so it’s best to consume it sooner than later.

Ensure you buy it from a store that doesn’t leave its olive oil out on the shelves for long periods of time. Keep it in metal or airtight bottles away from heat and light. Try to buy olive oil in an amount you’ll use within 6 months. Avoid storing it in the refrigerator. Refrigerated olive oil can become thick and cloudy.

If you’ve kept it in the refrigerator, once it’s brought back to room temperature it should return back to its original form.

The Purity of Olive Oil

It’s said that extra virgin olive oil is unprocessed and unrefined, so it’s the best quality olive oil. This olive oil is procured by having the olives cold-pressed or crushing them and extracting the fresh fat from them. You can find a higher level of minerals and vitamins from the olives with this method.

This type of olive oil has no additives either. You can find a higher level of monounsaturated fats in olive oil than other oils.

Using Olive Oil for Weight Loss

Using olive oil for weight loss is not only beneficial but tastes great and can really flavor any meal. Are you ready to stock up on healthy olive oils of your choosing? Check out our olive oil products today with a range of different extra virgin olive oils and notes for flavor additions.

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