How to Identify a High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

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How to Identify a High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Dipping oil, extra virgin olive oil, EVOO, no matter what you call it, it’s delicious.

But, how can you choose a truly great EVOO? How can you tell that what you’re paying is a good price for the product?

Here we tell you all about how to identify a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, or EVOO, for short.

What Matters on the Bottle and What Doesn’t Mean Much

When you’re looking at a bottle of EVOO you’re looking for certain phrases that give you clues into its quality. It should always say extra virgin if you’re looking for that wonderful tasting oil.

Now, the other words are up to debate. Some may say cold-pressed, some pure, or first pressed. However, what you’re really looking for is extra virgin olive oil and a quality certification seal. What is that you ask? Keep reading.

Check the Oil for Quality Certification

When you reach for a bottle of EVOO check it for a certification seal. If it’s a European oil or some other place in the world, it will have the seal of the International Olive Council or IOC.

If a bottle has this seal you know it’s a quality oil and need do no further investigation.

If it’s an American oil then check for the certification seal from the California Olive Oil Council to tell if you’ve got a winner.

Bearing these seals means the extra virgin olive oil in the bottle has undergone scrutiny and testing to prove it’s purity and quality. You know you’re getting what you pay for.

How Does EVOO Earn the Seal?

To become a certified EVOO the product must undergo many different laboratory analysis tests to determine it’s quality.

The scientists are looking for things like the sensory defects and fruitiness of the oil. How much UV the oil absorbs. It’s acidity and peroxide values.

All of these must fall into a specific range of numbers in order to award the certification seal. All these tests must be performed at an approved laboratory and they are taken very seriously.

There’s No Guessing With Secolari, Only the Highest Quality EVOO is Sold Here

Secolari is named after the ancient olive tree that can live for thousands of years. We expect our standards to be as foundational as this ancient tree.

Secolari Koroneiki EVOO CertificateArbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil CertificateSecolari Ascolano EVOO Certificate







We are dedicated to making the mundane into the exceptional and aiding in the health and wellness of all those around us. By using the finest olives we can find we make a healthful and beautiful tasting extra virgin olive oil.

Not only is it the cornerstone of a Mediterranean lifestyle and diet but it has been shown to be a good quality fat for the body to process.

We want you to taste what EVOO should taste like. Please click here to shop our fine selection of the most high-quality extra virgin olive oils in the country and experience the difference Secolari makes.

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